Wayne State University Walker and Gertrude Cisler Library Records

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Walker L. Cisler, chairman of the board for Detroit Edison, financially supported the foundation of The Walker and Gertrude Cisler Library, which was created by the Walker and Gertrude Cisler Library Foundation in 1970. The library was housed in the Charles Grosberg Religious Center on Wayne State University’s campus and worked to sponsor research, lectures, and conferences about religion and social conflict. The founders believed that with education about religion came tolerance of others and a decrease in social conflict. The library collection focused heavily on the Holocaust, the role and response of religion in war and peace, religion and the labor movement, and religion and civil rights.

The library was directed by Burt Wolf and Reverend James Lyons and sponsored events such as Areas of Hope in a Divided World Conference with the Center for Teaching about War and Peace in 1970, as well as the Scholars Conference of the German Church Struggle in 1971.

This collection primarily contains documents created by the library itself, including conference materials and library collection goals. Additionally, this collection holds the documents related to the creation of the library on Wayne State University’s campus, in addition to the original project proposals for the library. These records also contain meeting minutes and by-laws of the Walker and Gertrude Cisler Library Foundation.

1964-1971, bulk 1969-1971
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