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Rudolf J. Noer was an instructor at Wayne University, who was promoted to Assistant Professor in 1940. During the second World War, Dr. Noer served as a doctor at the 36th General Hospital, a field hospital under the sponsorship of Wayne University, School of Medicine.

The first 36th General Hospital was created during WWI under the title of Base Hospital 36 and was located in Vittel, France. During WWII, Dean Edgar H. Norris of Wayne University sought approval to recreate the success of Base Hospital 36 from the War Department, and was granted permission to create a 1,000-bed hospital in 1942. Upon gaining approval, Dean Norris selected staff members to be sent to the 36th General Hospital, which included Dr. Wyman C. C. Cold, Dr. James M. Winfield, Nurse and Professor Edna T. Plambeck, and Dr. Rudolf J. Noer. Dean Norris then elected Dr. Richard M. McKean as the Chief of Medicine in the new unit. The new staff were trained at Camp Carson in Colorado prior to deployment, followed by a brief training at Camp Shanks. The hospital staff was deployed on August 20, 1943 and they first sailed to Algeria, and then arrived in Italy in October of 1943. The hospital then followed the troops to France, where it operated until November 1943, after which it was deactivated. In sum, the hospital operated from 1943 to 1945 and treated over 45,000 patients.

This collection contains "A History of the 36th General Hospital," a manuscript written by Dr. Rudolf J. Noer. Additionally, this collection contains correspondence about the hospital, some military memorabilia including language and culture books, and correspondence and documents about the 36th General Hospital, Camp Carson, and the hospital’s time in Italy and France.

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