Harvey Kitzman Papers

1 reel of microfilm

Three scrapbooks containing clippings, correspondence, union rally and meeting notices, strike bulletins, flyers, newspaper ads and photographs, and pamphlets concerning the activities of UAW Local 180 (J. I. Case Company in Racine, Wisconsin). Mr. Kitzman began work at the J. I. Case Company in 1929, and in 1937 was elected president of the newly created local, a position he held until 1947. In that year, he set up the Agricultural Implement Department of the UAW, serving as director of the department until July, 1949 when he was elected director of UAW Region 10. Mr. Kitzman was also elected for two terms, the first in 1939, as president of the Wisconsin CIO. The scrapbooks deal with Local 180's contract negotiation activities, particularly the strikes of 1938, 1945-47, and 1960. No available guide.