Phillips Garman Papers

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Material by Mr. Garman, who worked with the AFL in 1934 and with the Department of Economics at the University of Chicago in 1936. From 1938-41 he served as director of research for the International Printing Pressmens and Assistants Union; in 1941 he became the chief of the War Production Board's industrial relations section; in June, 1945 he was appointed co-chairman of the Wage Stabilization Board. Presently, Mr. Garman is teaching at the University of Illinois. Subjects include AFL's organizing of unskilled industrial workers (1934-36), especially auto workers; auto strikes; Auto Labor Board (1934-35); company unions (1934-36); CIO formation (1934-35); union factionalism, (1934-35); GM Strike (1945-46); government administration of coal mines (1946); Labor-Management Conference called by President Truman (November, 1945); and unionization of newspaper and publishing industries (1907-42). Major correspondents are William Collins, Francis Dillon, and Leo Wolman.

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