John Edelman Papers

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Minutes of Textile Workers Union of America Executive Board (1953 -57), memoranda and reports on activities of TWUA Washington Office (1947-59), correspondence, congressional and legal testimony, newspaper clippings, press releases, speeches, monographs, pamphlets, and congressional hearings collected by Mr. Edelman, who served as director of the TWUA Washington Office from 1943 to 1963. Subjects include anti-union activity of southern textile companies; agricultural labor; civil rights and civil liberties; cost of living; cooperatives; credit unions; equal pay and equal rights for women; health insurance; housing; labor education; mini- mum wage; public power and conservation; Social Security; Taft-Hartley Act; textile industry legislation; unemployment and workers compensation. Correspondents include Chester Bowles, James Carey, Joseph dark, Thomas Dodd, Arthur Goldberg, Lyndon Johnson, Estes Kefauver, John F. Kennedy, John McCormack, Patrick McNamara, George Meany, Wayne Morse, Philip Murray, Robert Oliver, Drew Pearson, Mrs. Gifford Pinchot, William Pollock, William Proxmire, Leverett Saltonstall, Paul Sifton, John Sparkman, Stuart Udall, and George L. P. Weaver.

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