Selma Borchardt Papers

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100 linear feet (173 MB, 1 SB, 2 OS)

Correspondence, minutes, reports, speeches, press releases, and notes collected by Miss Borchardt, who served as legislative representative and vice-president for the AFT (1924-62), chairman of the AFT International Relations Committee (1927-62), secretary of the AFL Education Committee (1929-55), and director of the World Federation of Education Associations (1927-46). Miss Borchardt also served as a member of many governmental committees and conferences including the National Advisory Board of the National Youth Administration (1934-44); the U.S. Office of Education Wartime Commission (1941-43); the White House Conferences on Children and Youth (1930, 1940, and 1950); and the White House Conference on Education (1955). Subjects include the communist issue within the AFT, exchange teacher programs, federal aid to education, the Institute of World Studies, juvenile delinquency, National Women's Trade Union League, Social Security legislation, vocational education, and workers' education. Correspondents include George Ai ken, George Axtelle, Mary Barker, Arthur Capper, John Sherman Cooper, George Counts, Mary Dent, John Ekiund, Arthur Elder, Walter George, William Green, Lister Hill, David Starr Jordan, Abraham Lefkowitz, Henry Linviiie, Jay Lovestone, James Mead, George Meany, Carl Megel, A.J. Muste, Hilda Smith, and Matthew Woll.

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