Introducing the SWE Stories: Tales from the Archives Podcast

Reuther archivists are always looking for new ways to publicize the collections under their care and share the stories hidden within. Recently, Society of Women Engineers archivist Troy Eller English embarked on a new project to share stories from SWE's history and archival collections. Along with co-host Anne Perusek, SWE's director of editorial and publications, in September Eller English launched SWE Stories: Tales from the Archives, part of SWE's larger podcast series, Advance. Using content from SWE's considerable collection of oral history interviews (fifty-seven and counting), as well speeches, articles, letters, and other documents found in SWE's vast paper-based collections at the Reuther Library, Eller English aims to both entertain and educate podcast listeners about the history of SWE and experiences of women engineers.

In their inaugural episode, "The Second Shift," Eller English and Perusek shared stories found in SWE’s archives about members' experiences dealing with and managing the responsibilities that awaited them when they returned home after a full day in the office. Future episodes will explore specific events and people in SWE's history, as well as a number of broader themes, including: the imposter syndrome; members' experiences with discouragement and harassment; men as diversity partners; work/life integration; and the importance of mentorship, intergenerational support, and community-building. While SWE Stories: Tales from the Archives is expected to be a quarterly podcast, Eller English and Perusek may release episodes more frequently when inspiration strikes.