Wayne State University 150th Exhibit

For 150 years, Wayne State and its predecessor schools and colleges have been inextricably linked to the city of Detroit. As an urban, public university with a focus on high-quality research, Wayne State has a uniquely diverse student body made up of traditional students, working adults, parents, professionals, veterans, commuters, international students, and many more.

Over time, the Wayne State community has worked to forge an identity in a place so influenced by industry, migration, politics, cultural expression, and conflict. That struggle has fueled Wayne State to grapple with big questions: How does the most diverse campus in Michigan differ from other Michigan universities? Is this a commuter school, a campus community, or somehow both? How are our core values reflected in the education students receive?

“We will create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and positively impact local and global communities.” This exhibit will explore these three concepts over Wayne’s 150 years of service and zoom in on a few of the thousands of stories reflecting the influence of students, faculty, and alumni.

Wayne State University began as the Detroit College of Medicine in 1868, hoping to train a diverse group of local and international students to be competent doctors in a burgeoning metropolis. Numerous colleges and schools followed, joining to form the Colleges of the City of Detroit in 1933, soon renamed Wayne University in 1934. This institution gathered students from various backgrounds as it does today in an effort to understand the value of higher education through the lens of an urban, public university dedicated to innovation, diversity, and community.

Today, Wayne State University continues to shape its identity. We know that we are unique in many ways, situated in a city with a story like few others. As we reflect on 150 years, we also look forward to the next 150 years of excellence in our campus and our city.

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January 2018
Elizabeth Clemens, Meghan Courtney, Jason Jay Stevens, Alison Stankrauff
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