Wayne State University Arab Fraternity Records

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These records contain files of the Arab Fraternity that was active at Wayne State University between 1921 to the 1970s. The bulk of the records are from the 1930s and 1940s. The Arab Fraternity was active when the university was known as the Detroit Junior College, subsequently called the College of the City of Detroit, Wayne University and currently Wayne State University. Documents include a minute book, ledgers, receipts, bank statements, newsletters, a directory, and correspondence.
This collection centers on a fraternity that was active at what is now known as Wayne State University and a part of the student life fabric. The material provides information on a group that in part offered male students at the university to develop leadership skills, be social on their campus, and also to connect with other student groups on the campus.
According the minute book of 1920 to 1921, the name of the fraternity was first known as the “Friars”, voted in their second-ever meeting on December 27, 1921. They subsequently decided to change their name to the “Arabs” at their meeting of February 2, 1922 - “(the “Name”) Committee reported that the name of “Friars” should be changed to “Arabs” inasmuch as this name was better suited and had a deeper meaning than the former one. His report was unanimously accepted and President Kirby proclaimed us to the Arab Fraternity for all time (name can’t be changed)”.
Further of note is that Wayne State University President George E. Gullen, Jr., who served as WSU President from 1971-1978, was active with the Arab Fraternity. Further – at some point – although it is not entirely clear when – the Arab Fraternity changed its name to Phi Gamma Chi.

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