Lyrick Club Records

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The Lyrick Club was formed in 1909 as a social group of young men who served as ushers at the Lyceum Theatre and Garrick Theatre at the time. The name comes from a combining the names of the two theatres. Club rooms existed on the Lewis Block on Griswold Street where the Guardian Building now stands. A summer cottage was also maintained on Lake St. Clair. Club members continued to meet until about 1917 as life began to pull them in different directions, including serving in the armed forces during World War I.

The death of one of the members, Walter Jordan, in 1942 inspired the original members to hold a yearly reunion beginning in 1943 and continuing until the early 1960s.

The Lyrick Club collection includes one scrapbook of photographs and memories of club gatherings in its early years, especially at their lake cottage. Photographs show the boys’ friendship filled with fun and antics, as well as a few photographs of boys with their units while serving in World War I.

The rest of the collection contains notes, documentation, and planning materials for the reunions that began in 1943. This includes one scrapbook and six reunion notebooks. Additionally, there is one folder of correspondence from the 1960s between club members and Ferd DeLonge, the member who created and maintained the material in this collection.

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