AFSCME Local 1: Washington, D.C. Records

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AFSCME Government Workers Union Local 1 represented public employees within Washington D.C. The founding local of the Government and Civic Employees Organizing Committee-CIO (GCEOC) in 1950, Local 1 became an AFSCME affiliate after the AFL-CIO merger in 1955. By 1960, the Local was focused on organizing efforts, particularly in the Department of Sanitation, intended to eliminate racial discrimination in hiring and promotion for skilled positions and pay increases. In 1971, Local 1 was restructured into AFSCME District Council 20. The records consist of the business and official records of AFSCME Local 1’s administrative and advocacy staff. Records include contracts and negotiation material; contract administration and enforcement materials; employee grievances; dues collections and rates; budgets, proposals, and financial statements; correspondence; meeting minutes; publications; job descriptions; salary information; convention materials; and informational pamphlets.

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