(46044) Poster, Union Organizing, Worker Education, IWW Pamphlets, Undated

“Education—Organization—Emancipation.” 11x17. Undated.
Artist: Uncredited.

An I.W.W. organizer leads men labeled as the Socialist Party (who carries a volume called "Politics"), Communists, Craft Unionism, and Sky Party towards Industry, compelling them to organize. The men reach towards the heavens. Note: The Sky Party representative appears to be wearing a halo.

Text reads: "Knowledge, like energy, is power only when it is put to work to get good results. All together, the working class knows how to make everything, how to do anything, how to create abundance, and the necessary conditions for happiness for us all. But to put that knowledge work requires organization. To get the full results that can come only from using all of it, requires organization as a class--the One Big Union.

Science is a knowledge organized. The I.W.W. i the working class organized--just the working class, with everybody from the coal miner to the chemist who figures out how to make a new flavoring extract out of coal, organized to use our brains for ourselves. And it spells emancipation and a new era of abundance and security.

To start the process takes scientific industrial union education--such as you spread when you get new readers for the I.W.W. periodicals and pamphlets, pass out I.W.W. leaflets, or put up I.W.W. stickers. Educate to organize, and organize to educate--that's the road ahead to freedom. That's where the I.W.W. is marching, and you are cordially asked to hop on the parade."

(46044) Poster, Union Organizing, Worker Education, IWW Pamphlets, Undated