Appointment Details 2021

Appointments for WSU affiliates will be available in 2-hour sessions (10-2 or 2-4), Monday through Thursday.

• Appointments must be made at least 2 business days in advance to allow us to retrieve your materials and quarantine them before your arrival.

• Appointments are available from 10-12 or 2-4. No researchers will be able to remain in the Reading Room during the midday break.

• We will schedule Reading Room appointments to enable us to complete our material quarantine and cleaning process.

• Visitors must complete the Campus Daily Screener. Please arrive on time as staffing is scheduled around your appointment.

• Researchers may request up to 6 boxes (please consult with archivist). No additional boxes can be pulled during your visit.

• Our research space only allows safe distance for a finite number of researchers, so if we are at capacity, we will help you select an alternate day/time for your appointment.

During your visit

• Researchers must wear a mask to enter the building and at all times during their visit. An archivist will greet you when you arrive and scan your QR code confirmation of Campus Daily Screener. Please make sure to keep a 6-foot distance from all others in the building. You will have a designated seat in the Reading Room to ensure a safe distance.

• Restrooms are located on either side of the Reading Room. Before touching materials, wash hands thoroughly. Alcohol-based sanitizers can damage documents.

• Additional Reading Room guidelines apply.

Please do not travel to the library if you have not received an appointment confirmation email from us. If you are not feeling well, we are happy to reschedule your appointment for everyone’s safety.

If you require more than one appointment, please discuss this with an archivist before you schedule your visit.

We recommend downloading a pdf scanning app for your phone or tablet in order to quickly make digital surrogates of material. As always, material cannot be photocopied and our current staffing model does not allow for same-day scanning requests.