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Annetta Miller was a Registered Nurse, peace activist, and three-term member of the Michigan State Board of Education. Her experiences serving in the United States Army Nurse Corps during World War II drove her to join the peace movement during the Vietnam War. A Democrat representing Michigan's 18th congressional district, much of Miller's first two terms on the Board of Education dealt with desegregation of the Detroit Public Schools following the finding in Bradley v. Milliken by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan that the district was guilty of de jure segregation, Judge Stephen J. Roth's order that they desegregate via an inter-district busing plan, and subsequent decisions including the United State Supreme Court overturning Roth's decision in Milliken v. Bradley. Miller opposed the allocation of public funds to private and religious schools, and supported the separation of church and state in public education. The Annetta Miller Papers document the activities of the Board of Education during Miller's 24-year tenure through administrative documentation and supplementary resources on education, as well as Miller's involvement with the peace movement and other political organizing. Of particular interest are materials related to Bradley v. Milliken, desegregation, and busing plans; taxpayer financing of private education and reallocation to public schools; and Miller's son's participation in the 1965 Selective Service Office Sit-In in Ann Arbor.

1965 - 1995 (bulk 1970 - 1989)
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