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Curt Hyans, an early member of the Teamsters Union, was discharged from his job for trying to organize the truck drivers in Los Angeles in 1916. In the 1920's he worked at organizing migrant workers in California. He later served with the California State Federation of Labor until his retirement in 1967.

The papers of Mr. Hyans consist of his memoirs entitled "A Few Odds and Ends and Some
Trials and Tribulations of Organized Labor — Also Some Events and Happenings in Los Angeles and Adjacent Counties, Many Seen by an Eyewitness." Mr. Hyans' manuscript
covers a wide range of topics, including a historical account of labor's efforts to organize in the early part of the twentieth century, but it concentrates on the the organization of migrant workers in California. The personal recollections contains extensive excerpts and quotations from newspapers regarding the issues covered in the memoirs.

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