Wayne State University Computing and Data Processing Center Records

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In 1947 Wayne State University entered the computer age with the purchase of a mechanical differential analyzer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Computation Lab was established five years later. Wayne partnered with Burroughs Research Lab to develop the Unitized Digital Electronic computer. An IBM 650 Magnetic Drum Data Processing Machine was used at the University in 1955. The Computation Lab changed its name in 1958 to the Computing Center. It continued to expand, and an IBM 1401, 7070/1401, and 1460 were installed. In 1962 the Electronic Data Processing Office merged with the Computing Center, and the Computing and Data Processing Center was formed. Newer and more powerful computers such as the IBM 360 Model 40, IBM 360/65, and IBM 360 Model 67 were installed throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. Dr. Arvid Jacobson, Professor of Mathematics at Wayne University acquired the equipment necessary to develop mechanical and electronic calculation at the University in 1947. Dr. Walter Hoffman assumed Jacobson’s position upon his retirement in 1957.

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