Democratic Socialists of America Records

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The Papers of the Democratic Socialists of America were placed in the Archives
of Labor and Urban Affairs in January of 1984 and were opened for research in
April of 1990.

The Democratic Socialists of America, also known as DSA, received its name in
1982 after the merger of the Democratic Socialists Organizing Committee, also
known as DSOC, and the New American Movement, also known as NAM. The
1982 merger was not without debate, and resolution among members of DSOC.

The collection is indicative of the mandate of the DSA, as well as their stand on
social issues and labor issues, and reflects the general workings of the Detroit local
before, during, and after the merger, which shows the evolution of the group.
The collection also reflects, to a lesser degree, the views of the volunteers working
within the DSA at both the National and Local levels.

Subjects include: Poletown; City of Detroit Task Force on Room and Board Homes

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