Detroit Coalition to End the War Now! Records

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In 1969 supporters of the peace movement gathered to discuss Detroit participation in a national convention of the New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (New Mobe). The result of this gathering was the formation of the Detroit Coalition to End the War Now! (DCEWN). This group became one of the most influential anti-war organizations both in Detroit and nationwide.The Coalition was highly visible by means of demonstrations, teach-ins, press coverage, leaflets and mailings. It also generated a great deal of public involvement and support.

The papers in Part 1 primarily consist of correspondence, mailings and other general
materials of the workings of DCEWN, with a portion pertaining specifically to NPAC.

Part 2 of the collection consists mainly of materials that cover the organization efforts for the
large scale mobilizations of the NPAC and DCEWN in Oct. 1970 and April-May 1971. There
are also anti-war news publications, clippings, and correspondence from James Lafferty.
Materials from various other anti-war organizations are also represented in the records.

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