John Dwyer Papers

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John Dwyer was active in the labor movement as an organizer for numerous labor unions, including the International Ladies Garment Workers, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, and the Retail Clerks union. Mr. Dwyer worked as the New York State Organizer for the Socialist Party and served as State Secretary of the Massachusetts State Council of Industrial Organizations (CIO).

As a Trotskyist, Mr. Dwyer was expelled from the Socialist Party, after which he joined the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), where he adopted the theory of State-Capitalism and later wrote for the Marxist-Humanist journal, News & Letters under the name of Peter Mallory.
Mr. Dwyer’s papers reflect his work with the CIO, the Socialist Party and the SWP, relating the events of the Spanish Civil War and the Trotskyist movements, and the affairs of the Socialist Party in the 1930’s and the SWP in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Included in the collection are the papers of Martin Abern. Mr. Abern’s papers relate the American Communist and Trotskyist Movements from the periods of the Russian Revolution through the outbreak of World War II.

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