UAW Local 581 Records

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Late in 1936, a union office was opened at 4347 S. Saginaw St. in Flint, Michigan, across from
General Motors Fisher Body Plant #1. The office, which handled the affairs of workers at Fisher Body, was part of AFL-affiliated UAW Local 156, representing several General Motors plants in Flint. The famous Sit-Down Strike of l936-37, which culminated in General Motors recognition of the UAW, started in the Fisher #1 plant. In April 1938, Local 581, representing Fisher Body workers, was chartered independently from Local 156, and a year later, joined the CIO with other UAW locals.

The papers of UAW Local 58l include Management-Shop Committee minutes, correspondence, apprenticeship records, wage scale agreements and other materials documenting the history of workers at the Flint GM Fisher Body plant.

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