Nat Weinberg Papers

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Nat Weinberg worked as a teacher on Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers education projects, as a researcher for the International Ladies Garment Workers Unions, and for several federal bureaus, prior to becoming the United Auto Workers (UAW) Director of Special Projects and Economic Analysis. Mr. Weinberg pioneered the concepts of the guaranteed annual wage and supplemental unemployment benefits.
Part 1 of Mr. Weinberg’s papers primarily relate to his work for the UAW, particularly on the subject of the guaranteed annual wage, and to a lesser degree, his work for various government agencies, including the War Production Board and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, regarding labor conditions and the reemployment of veterans.
Part 2 of the Nat Weinberg Collection relates to Mr. Weinberg’s work as director of the UAW’s Special Projects unit and to his work as a consultant to the United Nations on international economics and labor. Defense conversion, Democratic Socialism, the International Metalworkers Federation, International Fair Labor Standards, multinational corporations and The National Committee on Supplies and Shortages are among important subjects addressed in the collection.

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