CIO Office of the Secretary-Treasurer Records

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137 linear feet (238 MB, 18 SB), 7 scrapbooks

Part 1 contains James B. Carey records, secretary-treasurer of the CIO from 1938 to 1955. Mr. Carey served as chairman of the CIO Civil Rights Committee and secretary-treasurer of the Philip Murray Memorial Foundation. He was the CIO representative to many international conferences, held a number of advisory positions with U.S. government agencies, and was on the executive boards of many private organizations. The topics cover a wide range of CIO activities. Among these are attempts to reunite the AFL and the CIO from 1937 to 1942 and again in 1955; Harry Bridges; communism in the labor movement; financial affairs of the CIO; International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and World Federation of Trade Unions; disputes within electrical workers' unions; CIO and Latin America; labor in World War II; anti-communism, and political action. Correspondents include nearly every major labor figure for the period.

Part 2 contains George L.P. Weaver records. In addition to serving as assistant secretary-treasurer of the CIO, he also held at various times the positions of assistant to the president of the United Transportation Service Employees Union; director of the ClO's Civil Rights Committee; assistant to the chairman of the National Security Resources Board; and member of the Committee to Reorganize the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Mr. Weaver also played leading roles in the senatorial and presidential campaigns of Stuart Syrnington. In addition to labor topics, the Weaver papers cover Americans for Democratic Action; civil rights; Atlantic Conference of 1959; tin missions to Bolivia and southeast Asia (1951-52); housing; defense; manpower; McCarran-Walter Immigration Bill; NAACP; and the Taft-Hartley Act.

Part 3 contains records from the office of James Carey. In addition to material relating to his tenure as Secretary-Treasurer, there are some records relating to his role in the IUE. Topics covered include: UE; anti-Communism; expulsion of left-led unions from CIO; and HUAC.

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