Michigan AFL-CIO Records

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220.5 linear feet (205 MB, 116 SB, 2 OS)

Material consists of the files of the Michigan CIO Council prior to its merger with the Michigan Federation of Labor in 1958, as well as the work of the secretary-treasurer's office during the later administrations of William Marshall, Walter Campbell, and George Watts. Includes general office files of Michigan CIO Council presidents John Gibson and August Scholle (1943-54); Michigan CIO secretary-treasurers John Gibson, Ben Probe, and Barney Hopkins (1939-54); the files of Tom Downs relating to his work as Michigan CIO Council representative, state legislative representative of the CIO, and member of the Michigan Employment Security Commission (1947-54); the editor's files and financial records of the Michigan C/O News (1939-52); the Michigan CIO Education Department's general files (1946-55): Fair Employment Practices Committee files (1946-49): Radio Council files (1948-51), and files of summer schools and training institutes (1946-54); miscellaneous financial records, Executive Board minutes, and correspondence.

Subjects include AFSCME, AFL-CIO merger, anti-labor legislation, civil rights, COPE, election campaigns, equal rights for women, farm labor and farmers' unions, federal wage and hours legislation, FEPC, Ford Strike (1949), importation of Mexican farm workers, Labor's League for Political Education, legislative apportionment and redistricting, McCarran-Walter Act, peace- time draft controversy (1945-47), Michigan Constitutional Convention, Progressive Party/Henry Wallace campaign (1948), public housing and rent control, UAW, unemployment and workmen's compensation legislation, United Way, use of prisoners of war in the Michigan lumber industry, and workers education. Correspondents include prominent people active in politics, civil rights, labor, business, education, and civic affairs.

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