Stanley and Margaret Collingwood Nowak Papers

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4.25 linear feet (9 MB), 2 scrapbooks

Stanley Nowak emigrated to the U.S. from Poland in 1913. He became a UAW organizer in 1936 and was elected to the Michigan Senate in 1938 where he served for ten years. His Senate career was marked by his work for labor unions, minority rights, old age assistance, and other welfare measures. He was indicted twice for having falsified his naturalization papers, but was acquited both times. Margaret Collingwood Nowak became involved in union organizing and political activitity in the 1930s, when she met and married Stanley. She served as his secretary during his Senate tenure and head bookkeeper for the Detroit law firm which handled her husband's 1952 indictment.The Nowak's papers largely cover Stanley's Senate career and his two indictments as well as include writings by Margaret on Stanley, Poland and American women.

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