(3825) Walter Speck, WPA / FAP, mural, Local 174, Detroit, Michigan

Original caption: “The first in a series of murals depicting the history of labor in general and the Auto Workers Union in particular has been completed at the West Side local of the United Auto Workers Union. This marks the first time a mural has been used to decorate an auto worker local union headquarters. The mural, which was done by Walter Speck, a noted artist, was authorized by the membership of the West Side Local 174 of which Walter Reuther is president and is located in the auditorium of the building. The photo shows Walter Speck completing the mural. On the left is the portion of the mural that tells the story of the Ford Riot and also shows Reuther and Frankensteen, who were beaten up at that time. In the background recent strikes are also portrayed while the right shows two huge figures symbolizing the relation of the auto worker to the CIO.”

Note: the mural currently hangs in the Walter P. Reuther Library's Reading Room.

(3825) Walter Speck, WPA / FAP, mural, Local 174, Detroit, Michigan