Statement before the Sub-Committee on Labor

Al Shanker testifies here before a sub-committee of the Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare on Federal Regulation of State and Local Public Employee Labor Relations. He comments on two proposed bills, S. 3294 and S. 3295, that would, as he says, “provide for Federal regulation of labor relations in the public sector at the state and local level.” Shanker, speaking for the AFT, strongly endorses S. 3294 and condemns S. 3295. S. 3294 would allow the current National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to extend to public employees and the current National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to govern labor disputes and elections. S. 3295, on the other hand, would create a new, separate apparatus for public employees. Shanker states there is no need for such separation while further citing several other specific disagreements with the wording of S. 3295.

Washington, D.C.
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