Quality Education Standards in Teaching (QuEST) Conference

Al Shanker begins this speech with the economy. He cites three myths about the economic downturn: first, that people are worse off than in the past; second, that the middle class is suffering because of focus on the poor; and third, that government spending causes inflation. Shanker further asserts that school funding should not be cut. Next, Shanker turns to education. He cites a recent report that said private schools are doing better than public schools. Shanker states that this is false, but that the public holds this perception. He urges the audience to change that perception. He states that teachers must sell their product and prove that public schools are just as good as private schools. Further, Shanker suggests partnering with the military and business communities for funding and support because these communities should have an interest in producing educated people to join their ranks.

Washington, D.C.
22 pages
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