california english: “Improving Our Schools: Drastic Change or Fine Tuning? An Interview with Albert Shanker”

Al Shanker answers Berkeley Education Professor Ken Lane's questions about education reform. Shanker believes that the recent focus on reform is good, but he thinks that not enough is being done to enact change. He states that recent efforts at reform change only slightly the way education has worked for years. Instead, Shanker calls for a drastic overhaul of the entire educational model. He says we need to engage students in ways other than reading and listening, noting that different students learn differently. He calls for giving teachers time to meet with each other, to grade work, and to work with students on a more individual basis. He cites the Boy Scouts as an example of a different educational model. Shanker calls for re-conceptualizing school as we know it.

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1988-01-00, 1988-02-00
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