Address to NYSUT Representative Assembly

Al Shanker delivers this address to the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) organization. Shanker begins by discussing various laws affecting funding to schools. He then turns to reform efforts. He talks about the teacher shortage and ways to recruit new teachers. He mentions the need for higher salaries, smaller class sizes, and increased time away from students. He notes that these are difficult to achieve but that giving teachers independence and respect is one easy way to make the job more attractive. Shanker encourages the NYSUT members to implement innovations in a few schools to experiment with reform ideas. He believes that giving power over reform ideas to teachers rather than legislators or businessmen will result in success. Many of his reform ideas are mentioned in this speech including board certifying teachers in certain specialties, instituting a three year internship program for new teachers, and offering to pay off student loans for bright college students who agree to teach for five years before moving onto another profession. Shanker believes that teacher-led innovation will help ward off legislative solutions like tuition tax credits and vouchers.

Toronto, Ontario
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