(11371) Auto Industry, Unemployment, 1956

Members of a "task force" created to combat unemployment in the auto industry, including United Auto Workers union officials and mayors of midwestern cities.

Left to right: Mayor Albert Zack, Hamtramck, Michigan; Mayor Frank Ziedler, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Mayor Ollie Czelusta, Toledo, Ohio; Mayor George Algoe, Flint, Michigan; Walter Reuther, president of the UAW; Governor G. Mennen WIlliams of Michigan; William E. Steiner, Mayor of Muskegon, Michigan; Emil Mazey, secretary-treasurer of the UAW; Leonard Woodcock, vice-president of the UAW. Members not shown include the mayors of South Bend, Indiana; Detroit, Michigan; and Pontiac, Michigan.

(11371) Auto Industry, Unemployment, 1956
July 1956