SEIU Research Department Records

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The SEIU Research Department was established in 1942 as the Research and Education Department. It was created mainly to help prepare negotiators at the bargaining table during World War II. Its main purpose was to gather data and information from the locals. The department would analyze the data, synthesize it and distribute reports throughout the organization. The department was expanded in 1945. Additional responsibilities grew to include analyzing new labor trends and organizational methods, fiscal and economic data and tracking federal budgets.

The SEIU Research Department Records, Part One and Two, largely contain reports and surveys (mostly SEIU related and largely providing stats) regarding benefits, collective bargaining agreements, contracts & data surveys, death gratuity, economic issues, industry surveys, locals, membership, scholarship competitions, research, companies with which SEIU organizes, gender, health and safety, anti-discrimination/affirmative action, policies,
laws, school employees, technology, video display terminals, organizing, cost containment, and wages.

The SEIU Research Department Records, Part Three, largely contain key contracts spanning from the early 1930s until the mid 1990s. Correspondence, reports, company profiles, surveys, employer financial records, contract votes, employee policies, clippings, newsletters, bulletins, and other material comprise the collection as well.

1930-1995, bulk 1946-1994
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