UAW Research Library: Congressional Testimonies

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Since the formation of the United Auto Workers Union in 1935, union members have been actively involved in U.S. and international politics. Individual union members, from the highest ranking officer to the newest rank and file member have testified before Congress on issues ranging from trade and health care to housing and public welfare. Beginning in 1938 and ending in 2009 this collection documents the history of UAW members’ appearances before Congressional Committees. This collection consists of Congressional Testimonies, Congressional Reports, and House and Senate Bills that the UAW had influence over. The collection begins in 1938 as the union presented their case before the Senate Select Committee on Investigative Campaign Expenditures and ends in 2009 with the testimony of UAW President Ronald Gettlefinger before the Energy and Commerce Committee. This collection highlights the major contributions of the UAW to U.S. and international politics.

1938-2009, bulk 1958-1991
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