Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Records

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The Michigan Coalition for Human Rights (MCHR) was formed in Detroit in December
1980 by a group of Detroit-area religious leaders representing a broad range of Judeo-
Christian and Muslim denominations. Initially organized with the goal of providing a
liberal alternative to conservative Christian organizations such as The Moral Majority,
the group’s primary issues included racism, militarism, gay rights, unemployment,
poverty, and other socio-economic and local political topics. The organization was dedicated to improving race relations in the Detroit area and promoting social justice and other liberal causes in the state of Michigan and nationwide as well as the promotion of human rights in Africa and other international regions.

The Michigan Coalition for Human Rights Records document its operations and activities
between the organization’s formal inception in 1981 and 2003, with some supplemental
articles and materials on human rights issues from the period of 1975-1980. Materials
reflect the goal of the MCHR to encourage those in the Detroit-area to participate in
events and campaigns promoting better race relations, increased civil liberties, and a
greater respect for human rights abroad. Issues including capital punishment, race
relations in Detroit, gay rights, children’s rights, apartheid in South Africa, US
involvement in Central America, as well as the internal financial operations of the MCHR
are documented.

1975-2005, bulk 1981-1995
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