Detroit Renaissance Records

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The City of Detroit had difficulty rebuilding after the riots of 1967, as its population dwindled,
along with available capital and a supply of suitable housing, which suffered from neglect and abandonment. The Detroit Renaissance, a non-profit organization of business and community leaders, was formed in 1970 by the chief executives of the region's most influential employers to focus on the re-development of Detroit. Promoting urban renewal, this Southeast Michigan business roundtable created a series of programs helping to support virtually every major development project in Detroit, playing a major role in coordinating their funding. During the 2000's, the organization evolved and expanded its focus on regional issues while continuing its support for Detroit's redevelopment. In 2009 the roundtable was united with others across Michigan to form the group, Business Leaders for Michigan.

This collection predominantly contains newspaper clippings on projects and topics related to urban renewal, riverfront development, and living in Detroit during the years of 1974-1993. The rest of the collection is made up of organizational records and materials given to executive members of Detroit Renaissance from 1970-2002. Record types from this section include formal reports, promotional brochures, meeting minutes from various committees within Detroit Renaissance, and budgetary materials. Topics covered include development within Detroit, a proposed riverfront sports arena, and discussions on how to stabilize the city financially. A portion of Detroit Renaissance projects contained in this collection are: Detroit Strategic Plan, Harmonie Park, Renaissance Center, Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Detroit PeopleMover, and the Cobo Hall Expansion.

1969-2002, bulk 1971-2000
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