Elizabeth Bierman and Allison Pedersen StoryCorps Interview, Clip 1, 2008

Elizabeth Bierman asks Allison Pedersen why she became an engineer, and then explains that she became an engineer because of her 4th grade lunch box. They discuss how their parents and teachers encouraged them to pursue their interests. Bierman is a product support manager at Honeywell Aerospace. Pedersen is a project manager at Goodrich Sensors and Integrated Systems.

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This oral history interview was recorded November 7, 2008 at the Society of Women Engineers WE08 National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland as part of StoryCorps (www.storycorps.net), a nationwide initiative of Sound Portraits Productions to record and collect oral history interviews. This excerpt was selected and produced by the SWE Archivist. Audio excerpts may be used for research and educational purposes only.