Wayne State University Faculty Wives' Club Records

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The Faculty Wives' Club of the College of the City of Detroit was founded in 1925, preceding Wayne University by ten years. This group's mission, as stated in its 1953 constitution, was "to promote friendship among the faculty wives of Wayne University, to further the interests of the women of Wayne University, and to engage in such civic activities as are appropriate to the nature of the organization." In addition to its frequent meetings, receptions, and tours, the Faculty Wives' Club provided small scholarships to female students of Wayne. New membership dropped sharply in the 1970s, although there was no sharp increase in the number of existing members letting their memberships lapse. The Faculty Wives Club of Wayne State University officially disbanded in 1995.

Newsletters, meeting minutes, scrapbooks, constitutions and by-laws, correspondence, photographs, committee files and officers' files of the Faculty Wives' Club of Wayne State University (1955-1995), Wayne University (1935-1955), and the College of the City of Detroit (1926-1935).

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