Wayne State University Law School Publications

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This collection holds journals produced by the Law School of Wayne University and Wayne State University. The Gavel, first published by the Student Bar Association of Wayne University in 1952, became The Wayne Law Journal in 1953 when taken over by the Wayne University Law School. When Wayne University became Wayne State University in 1956, the journal's name was changed to The Wayne State Law Journal; in 1962, it became The Wayne Advocate. This journal ended regular publication with Volume XI in 1963, with the exception of an annual Commencement issue. A new series, The Wayne Advocate: Tabloid Edition, began publication in 1967, and continued until 1969. This was replaced by Chamber Notes, of which only two issues were produced, in 1969 and 1970, and Law School Newsletter, of which only one issue was published, in 1973. During this time (1968-1974) the law school also produced an unrelated publication, the Newsletter. From 1975 until 1980, the Law School published the newsletter Nexus. In 1980 the magazine The Wayne Lawyer began publication.

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