AFSCME Retiree Department Records

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The Retiree Department of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) was created in June of 1978. A movement within AFSCME began as early as 1973 to create an entity to assist its retirees in planning for and adjusting to retirement. AFSCME President Jerry Wurf introduced Resolution 90 at the 1978 International Convention, officially establishing the Retiree Department. After the first year, there were 20,000 members in 12 chapters. As of 2011, it was the largest organization of public-sector retirees with 235,000 members in 39 chapters across the United States.

The Retiree Department focuses its efforts on three missions: grassroots political action,
education and service. It aims to improve the lives of its members and other retired persons
through its efforts to reform health care, protect pension benefits and address other topics of
concern for retirees. The chapters and subchapters also serve a social function for retirees.

The AFSCME Retiree Department Records were generated and used by the Department’s main office in Washington D.C as well as by the state chapters. Specifically, the records document the origins, operations, entities, programs and activities of the AFSCME Retiree Department and the accomplishments of its various chapters.

1979-1999, bulk 1992-1995
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