Hy Fish Papers

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Hy Fish was born June 11, 1913. He lived in Chicago and earned his MBA from the University
of Chicago in 1960. Hy was a Socialist who was active in the Young Peoples Socialist League
where he was the business manager of their monthly newspaper, “The Challenge.” After the Flint sit-down strike began in 1936, Hy was sent to Flint to act as an organizer for the Socialist Party. Awhile later he became a labor education teacher at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL., and traveled to India and Israel in the 1950s as an economic advisor for the International Labour Office. In the 1960s he left Roosevelt University to work as a self-employed consultant. Hy Fish died July 9, 1994.

The Hy Fish collection consists largely of Socialist publications covering topics such as labor,
Socialism, Communism, post WWI housing issues in the United States, war, religion and
specific labor unions of the 1920s and 1930s. The collection contains materials from the Young Peoples Socialist League (YPSL) and the Socialist Party with correspondence from his years in the YPSL. Some material from the Flint sit-down strike, from his trip to India for a mission on productivity, and his independent consultant work are also included.

1909-1966, bulk 1930s-1950s
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