Milton Tambor Papers

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Milton Tambor was born in New York City in 1938. He earned a Hebrew Teachers degree from Yeshiva University in 1957. He completed his bachelor’s in Psychology at Wayne State University in 1959, his Master of Social Work at Wayne in 1963, and his PhD in Sociology at Wayne in 1991. Throughout his scholarly career, he has focused on teaching and writing about organizing social workers and non-profit and agency employees. He also had a long career in unionism, holding staff and leadership positions in AFSCME Detroit Local 1640, AFSCME Michigan Council 77, and AFSCME Michigan Council 25. Throughout his career, Tambor was also involved in other labor and leftist organizations in Detroit, most notably the anti-Vietnam War group Detroit Coalition to End the War Now and the Michigan Labor Committee on Central America. In 2001, Tambor retired and moved to Atlanta where he continues to work in the progressive movement.

The Milton Tambor Papers document Tambor’s academic career, work for AFSCME, and participation in labor, leftist, and progressive organizations in Detroit. They include articles, newspaper clippings, publications, fliers, meeting minutes, reports, and training material.

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