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(2207_3) Elmwood Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan, 1939 Image
(33928) HistoryPin Tour Map: Detroit in World War II Image
(46733) Dance, Cecchetti Method, 1970s Image
(46803) Alvin Ailey dancers, circa 1963 Image
(vmc10489) Michigan Avenue, Before widening, Detroit, 1930 Image
(vmc28912) Michigan Avenue, Near Trumbull, Detroit, 1977 Image
(vmc4647) Michigan Avenue, Skid Row, Detroit, 1953 Image
2023 Homecoming Open House Image
Alison Stankrauff, 2017 Image
Ann Fletcher, Ford Rouge Patent Draftsman, 1954 Image
Article, Women Engineers Help Detroit Grow, 1954 Image
Dallas Pillen, circa 2019 Image
Decentralization Districts Image
Denise Szykula and Dennis East Image
Dr. Philip Mason and Dr. Louis Jones Image
Dr. Philip Mason in the Reuther Library reading room Image
Emancipation Proclamantion Centennial Image
Exterior view of Von Stueben School Image
Folklore Archives, Irish Image
Folklore, Loup Garou, Grosse Pointe Farms, Image
Fresh Air Society, Camp Tamarack, Belle Isle, 1902 Image
HistoryPin Tour: Detroit's Chinese Community Image
IWW Poster Collage Image
Jack White, Flora Hommel, Coleman Young Image
Joins 36th District Bench Image
Judge Avern Cohn in 2002 Image
Judge Avern L. Cohn, 2002 Image
Juneteenth Celebration flyer Image
Karen Turk and Hank Image
Leggett Papers Survey Image
Lucille Pieti, All Alone With 300 Men, 1954 Image
Lucille Pieti, Technical Questions on Motors Don't Stump Chrysler's Lady Engineer, 1953 Image
Maria Gonzalez Image
Mattie Duggan and Nathaniel Arndts presenting a poster on the Michigan Black History Bibliography Image
Max M. Fisher and Gerald R. Ford Image
Metro Times cover, 13th anniversary issue, October 1993. Image
Metro Times cover, Motor City Music Awards, April 12, 1992. Image
Michael Kerwin in Sergio DiGiusti studio Image
Michigan Black History Bibliography Sample Card Image
New Detroit Newsletter Masthead, 1970 Image
No Scab Papers Image
Photo Caption Contest: February 8-15, 2012 Image
Richard Copley Event Flyer Image
SAA Student Group Members working on the Michigan Black History Bibliography Image
Sarah Lebovitz, SEIU Archivist, 2018 Image
Sarah Stanford-McIntyre Image
Students in the Reuther reading room Image
Suburban District Cluster Proposal, Detroit News Image
Tales from the Reuther Library Podcast Artwork Image
Tanglewood Drive Bridge, Belle Isle, Detroit Image
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