Address: AFT Convention Speeches
AFT 61st Annual Convention Speeches
AFT Convention: Keynote Address Speeches
AFT Convention: “The State of our Union” Speeches
Celebrating UUP's 25th Anniversary Speeches
Collective Bargaining Negotiations in New York City, 1962-63 Speeches
Commonwealth Magazine: “What Schools Should—and Shouldn't—Learn From Markets” Speeches
Compass Interview Speeches
Council of AFL-CIO Unions Professional, Scientific, and Cultural Employees Speeches
Forum: “Where Albert Shanker Stands” Speeches
Institute for Educational Policy Studies: “Teacher Unions: Past, Present and Future Influence” Speeches
Instructor: “Futrell & Shanker Face Off” Speeches
International Federation of Free Teachers' Unions (IFFTU) Speech Speeches
Interview with Ed Muzik Speeches
Labor Education, Local 189, and the AFT Speeches
Marcia Reece Interview with Shanker on Where We Stand Speeches
Marjorie Kovler Lecture Series, University of Chicago Speeches
Meet the Press Speeches
New York State Teachers Association (NYSTA) Address Speeches
New York State United Teachers (NYSUT): "Keep the Clock" Speeches
NPR Options in Education, “Teacher Power” Speeches
NPR Options in Education, “The Great Debate III” Speeches
NPR Options in Education, “The Great Debate” Speeches
On Dan Sanders and Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel (PSRP) Speeches
Point of View: “Incentives and Reforms: The Views and Insights of Albert Shanker” Speeches
Rochester Teacher Association Leadership Conference Speeches
SUNY Albany: "In Defense of the University" Speeches
Teachers and AFT at the Crossroads Speeches
Teachers, Unions, and Society Speeches
The Union Teacher and Education Speeches
Today Show with Barbara Walters Speeches
United University Professors (UUP) Bargaining Election Workshop Speeches
Why Teachers Need the AFL-CIO Speeches
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