Women in the labor movement

(30399) Ophelia McFadden Speaking, Convention, 1984 Image
(30400) Richard Cordtz, Jesee Jackson, Ophelia McFadden, Executive Board Meeting, 1983 Image
(30401) Richard Cordtz, Jesse Jackson, Ophelia McFadden, Behind the Scenes, 1981 Image
(30402) Ophelia McFadden Speaking, AFL-CIO Convention, California, 1985 Image
(30403) Ophelia McFadden Participating in a Panel Discussion Image
(30429) 5th Annual SEIU Women's Conference, California Image
(30433) SEIU Women Image
(30607) UAW Local 1112, First Woman, Lordstown, Ohio, 1970 Image
(31305) Lovella Brown, SEIU Executive Board Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1977 Image
(31308) IEB Member Gloria Marigny, SEIU International Convention, 1980 Image
(31309) Ophelia McFadden, Conference, 1980s Image
(31514) Myra Wolfgang, Frank Murphy, ca. 1930s Image
(31517) AFL-CIO Convention, SEIU EVP Member Rosemary Trump, California, 1985 Image
(31518) Coalition of Labor Union, SEIU IEB Member Rosemary Trump, 1974 Image
(31519) SEIU District 925 Demonstration, 1979 Image
(31521) Civil Rights Hearing, SEIU Organizer Elinor Glenn Speaking Image
(31522) SEIU Local 82 Elevator Operator, 1949 Image
(31526), Elizabeth Grady, SEIU 10th International Convention, 1950 Image
(31626) Karen Nussbaum, SEIU Women's Conference, 1981 Image
(31627) Jackie Ruff, John Sweeney, SEIU Women's Conference, 1981 Image
(31628) Attendees, SEIU Women's Conference, 1981 Image
(31804), SEIU Local 535 Women's Committee, Potholder, "A Woman's Place..." 1990s Image
(31896) SEIU Local 32E Women Hospital Workers, 1963 Image
(31925) SEIU Local 142 Members Strike During World War II Image
(46067) IWW Beaded Purse, 1910s Image
(32461) Justice for Janitors healthcare demonstration, Local 1877, Sacramento CA, 1998 Image
(32867) AFSCME Local 1072 marches for pay equity Image
(33282) Matilda (Rabinowitz) Robbins, Family, Snapshot, 1910s Image
(33283) Matilda (Rabinowitz) Robbins, Portrait, 1910s Image
(32286) Strikes, Garment Workers, New York, 1912 Image
(33287) Strikes, Cigar Workers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1913 Image
(33288) Strikes, Cigar Workers, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1913 Image
(33749) Portrait of Myra Wolfgang Image
(33750) Michigan Senate resolution Image
(37199) War Work, Industrial Workers, Women, 1944 Image
(46492) UAW Women's Auxiliary, Service Member Gifts, 1940s Image
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