Detroit (Mich.)

(79565) Ethnic Communities, Polish, War Relief, 1940 Image
(DN_79566) Ethnic Communities, Polish, entertainment, Belle Isle, 1934 Image
(DN_79567) Ethnic Communities, Polish, Celebrations, Customs, Weddings, 1941 Image
(DN_79569) Ethnic Communities, Polish, Celebrations, Weddings, Parades, 1920 Image
(DN_79569) Ethnic Communities, Polish, Neighborhoods Scenes, 1928 Image
(DN_79571) Ethnic Communities, Polish, Celebrations, Weddings, Parades, 1920 Image
(DN_79592) Ethnic Communities, Welsh, Costumes, Singers, 1963 Image
(181932) Ethnic Communities, Polish, War Relief, Detroit, 1940 Image
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