Feldman, Sandra

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(27809) Charlie Cogen and Sandra Feldman Image
(30862) Al Gore and Sandra Feldman Image
(30863) Sandra Feldman on the Picket Line Image
(30864) Sandra Feldman and Daniel Patrick Maynihan Image
(30865) Sandra Feldman with UFT Members on the Picket Lines Image
(30866) Sandra Feldman Picketing Image
(30867) Sandra Feldman, Pizza Hut Demonstration Image
(31008) Pizza Hut Demonstration Image
(31009) Sandra Feldman, New York City Teacher's Night Image
(31010) President Bill Clinton and Sandra Feldman Image
(31012) Herb Magidson, Sandra Feldman and Thomas Hobart Image
(31293) Edward McElroy, Walter Mondale and Sandra Feldman Image
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