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(2394) Dinner, 1961 National Convention
(2405) Pat Brown, Catherine Eiden, 1961 National Convention
(2408) Stella Berbynuk, SWE Drive, 1961 National Convention
(2398) Participants, 1961 National Convention
(2388) Anna Bailey, Agnes McLaughlin, 1961 National Convention
(333) Female farm workers in the field
(330) Community Service Organization (CSO), members, California
(329) Procession enroute to the funeral of Rufino Contrerea
(328) The funeral of Rufino Contreras
(326) Arab mourners carry the casket of Nagi Daifullah enroute to his funreal
(325) Mourners with the casket of Nagi Daifullah, 1973
(324) The funeral procession of Nagi Daifullah
(320) Senator Robert Kennedy and Dolores Huerta
(233) Signing of the Giumarra Contract, 1970
(319) Andy Imutan, Dolores Huerta, Larry Itliong, and Robert Kennedy
(303) Supporters of the Grape Boycott march through Toronto
(293) Governor Jerry Brown addresses supporters of the United Farm Workers
(292) Jerry Brown, Cesar Chavez, La Paz, Keene, California, 1976
( 291) A picketer being arrested by Kern County sheriff’s deputies
(289) Cesar Chavez at the UFW Constitutional Convention, 1973
(288) Fred Ross, Cesar Chavez, Luis Valdez, and Dolores Huerta, c. 1980s
(287) Fred Ross Sr, Cesar Chavez, Demonstration, 1988
(282) Rally to support the Coachella Strike
(281) Canadian UAW members, Coachella Valley, California
(281) Canadian UAW members in support of striking farm workers
(280) Teamsters watch over the fields of the Coachella Valley
(279) A rally from the Coachella Strike, 1970
(278) A demonstrator is arrested during the Coachella Strike, 1973
(277) Profile of Larry Itliong
(276) Larry Itliong speaking at unknown event