ALPA Governing Bodies: Central Executive Council Records

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The Central Executive Council (CEC) was formed by the Board of Directors in 1932 and consisted of the President, First Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and regional Vice Presidents. The council functioned mainly as an advisory body to the President, and also worked on policies, planning, and programs for ALPA. The records are made up of minutes of CEC meetings from 1933-1946. Many of the subjects focus on the Council’s work interpreting and creating policies for the still new Association, such as membership acceptance, expulsion, and discipline; the salary, term, status and voting procedures for ALPA president; donation policies; correspondence forms and language; affiliations; incorporation; the Association emblem, and local council policies. The Council also concentrated on legislation issues; airport, airways, and aircraft development and guidelines; and government appointments and committees. Some other subjects from this time period dealt with war-time contingencies such as deferring the 85 hour per month rule, the status of active military and reserve pilots, crew complement issues and pay scale. In addition the council also reviewed and advised on air traffic control problems relating to weather, radio communications, and airport safety; strikes and strike breakers on Eastern Air Transport, Braniff Airways, and National Airlines; as well as organizing on Aerovias Centrales, Braniff Airways, Martz Airlines, and Pan American Grace. In 1947, the Council was abolished by the BOD and the Executive Board was created in its stead.

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