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The Air Line Pilots Association was unofficially founded in 1930 and then officially in 1931, but its roots can be traced all the way back to the mid-1920's. The economic pressures of the depression, and increased flying hours with less pay are ultimately what lead to the formation of ALPA to protect pilot needs and rights. While initially formed in secret by a handful of pilots, ALPA grew steadily over time and by the end of World War II its membership approached 5,000 and had become a well-respected organization. Today it represents over 77,000 pilots at 43 U.S. and Canadian airlines and is the largest airline pilot union in the world. While representation and advocacy are major services to its members, safety and security has always been the most important service, and for over 90 years, ALPA has been part of most important safety improvement in the airline industry.

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ALPA Alexandria Field Office RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Atlanta, Georgia Field Office RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Governing Bodies: Board of Directors RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Governmental Affairs Office RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Headquarters Communications Library RecordsAbstracts
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ALPA Region 5 Vice-President's Files: Capt. William C. Davis RecordsAbstracts
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ALPA Union of Professional AirmenAbstracts
ALPA Governing Bodies: Central Executive Council RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Governing Bodies: Executive Board RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Governing Bodies: Executive CommitteeAbstracts
ALPA Governing Bodies: Executive CouncilAbstracts
ALPA Herndon EAL Strike Center RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Houston Field Office RecordsAbstracts
ALPA New York PAA MEC RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Steward and Stewardess Division RecordsAbstracts
ALPA Chicago/Rosemont UAL MEC RecordsAbstracts
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ALPA Contracts: Airline EmployeesAbstracts
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ALPA Publications: Air Line PilotAbstracts
ALPA San Francisco Joint Council Office RecordsAbstracts
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Herman Benson PapersAbstracts
William W. Betts PapersAbstracts
William C. Davis PapersAbstracts
Charles T. Hawkins PapersAbstracts
George Hopkins PapersAbstracts
Lucien Koch PapersAbstracts
Robert N. Rockwell PapersAbstracts
Clarence N. Sayen PapersAbstracts
Lionel Stephan PapersAbstracts
Robert L. Tuxbury PapersAbstracts
Captain J. H. Wylie PapersAbstracts
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