ALPA Steward and Stewardess Division Records

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The Steward and Stewardess Division was created by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) Board of Directors in 1960 after ALPA and the Air Line Stewards and Stewardess Association (ALSSA) separated in 1959. Following the same basic structure as ALPA, the division had its own Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Executive Board, and national officers of Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Initially consisting of 20 airlines and around 3,580 stewardesses, by 1969 the S&S Division represented approximately 10,000 stewardesses through Local Executive, and Master Executive Councils on each of their airlines and assisted them with negotiations, grievances, sex and age discrimination, air safety and equal employment issues. In 1973 the stewardesses signed a charter of affiliation with ALPA and formed the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA). The Steward and Stewardess Division Records contains Office Records, Correspondence, Governing Bodies Minutes, MEC/LEC Records, Publications, Negotiations, Agreements, and Constitutions and By-laws. The subjects covered include: Air Safety, Crew Complements, Organizing, Uniforms, Contract Negotiations, Seniority, Negotiations, Bidding, Scheduling, Sex Discrimination, Marriage Rules, Age Discrimination, Maternity Leave, ALSSA/ALPA Dispute, Strikes, Age 32/35 Policies, and Women’s Rights.

1949-1977, bulk 1960-1971
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