ALPA Miami Joint Council Office Records

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The ALPA Miami Joint Council Office (JCO) was a regional office for ALPA Region II and councils in the Southeast United States. It was home to several Master Executive Councils (MEC) and Local Executive Councils (LEC) including: Braniff Airways MEC and Council 29, Delta Airlines Council 71, Eastern Airlines MEC and Council 18, National Airlines MEC and Councils 8 and 73, Pan American Airways (PAA) Council 10, Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra, PNG) MEC and Councils 38 and 83, and Riddle Airlines (RID) MEC and Councils 114 and 134. The Region II Vice President also worked out of the office and kept his files there. The JCO records cover the years 1935 to 1968 and span a number of technological and service changes within the airline industry. The records are made up of MEC and LEC minutes and correspondence, A-Z files, correspondence, reports and studies, contracts, negotiations, aircraft evaluations, and air safety and accident investigations. Subjects include: Behncke recall, Third crew member/Crew complement controversies, American Airlines secession from ALPA, National Airlines Strike 1948, Southern Airlines Strike 1960-62, Pilot physical controversies, “Take-A-Look” policy, Flight Engineers International Association (FEIA) issues, and Air traffic controller controversies.

1935-1968, bulk 1950-1960
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